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How to View Maps?

Map viewer is a nice tool to view project map. The viewer is very user friendly. The key features of the map viewer are

Fig 3.1: GIS Map Viewer

a. Easy Zoom in and Zoom out
b. Identifying tools
c. Map labeling
d. Google Layer Adding
e. Well decorated Map legend

Using Map Tool Box

Map tool box exit in the Top most left position of the map viewer. Users get some basic tools here i.e. zoom in, zoom out, full extend, Identity.

Fig 3.3: Map Control Box

There are five tools:

  1. Full extend
  2. Zoom in
  3. Zoom out
  4. Pan
  5. Identity
  6. Save map image
  7. Print map

How to Zoom In:

  1. Click zoom in button.
  2. Click in map Display Area.
  3. Then user gets Zoom view of the Map. In every Click map will be zoom until the Map control box setting Unchanged.

Fig 3.4: Zoom In

How to Zoom Out:

  1. Click Zoom Out.
  2. Click Map Display Area.
  3. Map will be Zoom out in the next view.

Fig 3.5: Zoom Out

How to Full Extent

  1. Click Full Extent.
  2. Click in the Map display area.
  3. Then Map viewer will set the Map Viewer in the Full Extent Position.


  1. Click Identity
  2. Click into the desire location in the map area.
  3. Location identification information will be displayed in the below of the Map area.

User may be viewed multiple information for a specific identity which create confusion to the user. First record is the nearest identity of the user click location. So, first record is the best identity information.

Fig 3.6: Identity

Map Legend

User will get map layer in the right corner of the Map viewer. Point layers are identifying by the Icon or image. Line and Polygon are identified by the different color. Legend helps user for better understanding the map.

Fig: Map Legend

How to Search & View Reports?

Search Option is incorpated tabular data. To Open the Search Option comit the following steps,
a. Open Web browser
b. Write http://hostAddress/WPLRS in the address bar and then press enter
c. Then the home page of the site will be appeared
By clicking Search, list of Plot Owner related data will be appeared.
Then select project, sector/block, road no, plot no, then click search button, the data will be showed in the right panel of the window.

Fig 2.1: Search Option

Click Details link on selected owner. Owner report will be appeared

How to Registar a User?

By default visitors are allowed to register themselves on WPLRS to gain access to additional resources. For example, registered users might be allowed to details of plot owner information. WPLRS implements a user registration policy which can be adapted to suit your particular requirements.

Registered user must provide some plot owner related information so only plot owner can provide.

1. Go to WPLRS web site
2. Click New User Registration

3. New user registration form appeared. Please provide all correct information and then press next button

4. A confirmed window appeared. Click yes

5. If your provided information does not match RAJUK database error window appeared. Press Ok and then try again

6. If your provided information match RAJUK database then successful window appeared click yes .

7. User registration forms appeared. Provide correct information and click create user

8. Successfully create user. WPLRS system send a confirmation mail & activation link your provided mail address. Please check your mail and click activation link. User activation successfully completed.